Government is for the people?

8/11 First Meetings First Battle

Our heroes wake up in their respective houses, noticing that there is a key on their bedside table. They ask around town to find out what the key goes to. The townsfolk give them no definitive answer, however, they spoke of a world gate under the center of the town. Each of our heroes make their separate way to the Worlds’ Gate only to find their keys did not open the door. A voice however spoke to each of them saying, “One key does not an adventure create. You must find another warrior willing to take the journey with you.”
Again our heroes asked around town until one hero pinned a note onto the Journeymans Board in the local pub. Fate brought each warrior to the pub one night. They became acquainted with each other and had their fill of drinks. They had decided to set out on a journey that would change all of them for the better. They all go to their respective houses and sleep the drunk away.
After meeting again in the bar after the nights jovial spirits, they talk of the keys of Oasis which glow when they are near to each other. They hear the voice again and talk of moving to the World’s Gate. After their days events they meet at the pub to go to the World’s Gate to be ambushed by a swarm of Kobolds. Our heroes fought valiantly and killed the foe, deciding to sleep at the World’s Gate with Romlin taking first watch.

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